Quantcast Table  4-6.  LRU-18/U  Container  Markings

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TM   1-4220-250-12&P 4.7.3  LRU-18/U  AND  CONTAINER  MARKINGS  INSPECTION  (Continued). Container LRU-18/P Container Table  4-6.  LRU-18/U  Container  Markings. HELICOPTER LIFE RAFT ASSEMBLY Marking Location Back  Panel (Beaded  Handle Side) UP THIS  SIDE AGAINST  BODY Front  panel (Webbing  belt Side) U.S.  ARMY  LIFE  RAFT  CROSS  STRAP CONTAINER   ASSEMBLY,   MIL-C-81543 TYPE  1 MANUFACTURE  (applicable  name) CONTRACT NO. (applicable name) DATE  OF  MANUFACTURE  (month  and  year) SERIAL NO. (applicable number) Inside  back panel Letter Height 1  inch 1/2  inch 1/4  inch 2. CO2 Cylinder. Correction of markings on the CO2 cartridge are not authorized. Table 4-7 shows the markings that should be  on  the  cylinder  body. Table  4-7.  CO2  Cylinder  Markings. CYL.  CO2 2 Oz. 4220-00-837-3322 Sparklet  Devices,  Inc. MFD.  (m/yr) Total  Wt.  8.0  Oz. U.S. END  OF  TASK Change  1 4-15


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