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TM 10-3510-222-1 0-HR NOTE The  Accounting  Requirements  Code  (ARC)  refers  to  property  accountability,  not  the Recoverability Code (RC).  The ARC and the RC are listed in the Army Master Data File (AMDF). N - Nonexpendable: Items not consumed in use, retaining their identity during use, and requiring that accountability be maintained throughout the life of the item. D - Durable: Nonconsumable components of sets, kits, outfits, and assem- blages; all tools in FSC's 5110, 5120, 5130, 5133, 5136, 5140, 5180, 5210, 5220, and 5280; and any other nonconsumable with a price in excess of $50.00 not already "N". X - Expendable: Items regardless of type classification or price and which are consumed in use.  Includes all class 9 repair parts.  Items not consumed in use which cost $50.00 or less and not already "N" or "D." I.  SEC (column d).  The Controlled Inventory Item Code (formerly SEC code) is entered here.  This is a one-position code which indicates the security classification, security risks, or pilferage controls required for storage or transportation of assets.  Order of precedence for assignment of codes is classified, sensitive, pilferable, unclassified, as applicable. Codes applicable to this hand receipt are as follows: SEC CODE CONTROLLED INVENTORY ITEM CODE U UNCLASSIFIED PILFERABLE ITEMS M Handtools and shop equipment J Pilferable item due to its size, shape and utility, which does not fall under one of the above categories.  Pilferage controls may be designated by the coding activity to items coded U (unclas- sified) by recoding the items to J m. UI (column e).  Unit of Issue.  Refer to AR 708-1 and/or CDA Pam 18-1 (Catalog Data Activity) for explanation of abbreviations used in this column. n. QTY AUTH (column f).  The quantity authorized to be on hand, or part of the end item. o. QUANTITY (column g).  Actual quantity on hand.  Subcolumns A through F are to be filled in by the receiving unit/personnel in accordance with DA Pam 710-2-1, chapter 6. p. PAGE __ OF __ PAGES.  Contains page number and total number of pages for the COEI, BII, and AAL portions of the hand receipt.  Hand receipt holder will initial each page No.  (only when two or more forms are involved).  When hand receipt holders change, the old initials will be lined out and the    v new hand receipt holder will initial each page. 2


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