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TM 10-8400-201-23 CHAPTER 3 MAINTENANCE OF THE ARMY AVIATION AND COMBAT VEHICLE CREWMEMBER'S (CVC) HIGH TEMPERATURE AND FIRE RETARDANT CLOTHING Section I.  INTRODUCTION 3-1.  SCOPE NOTE Army  maintenance  concept  for  coverall,  CWU-27P,  Flight  Gloves;  Flyer's  Shirt,  Hot  Weather;  Flyer's  Trousers,  Hot Weather;  Flyer's  Jacket,  Lightweight  (MIL-J-43923  (GL)),  and  Flyer's  Jacket,  Cold  Weather  (MIL-J-43924  (GL))  differs from  Air  Force  maintenance  concept  found  in  joint  Air  Force/Army  Publication  TO  14P3-1-112/  TM  10-8400-203-13 Instructions in this chapter take precedence over those in TO 14P3-1-112/TM 10-8400-202-13 for Army users. This chapter provides instructions covering the description, inspection, cleaning, repair maintenance, and materials of the following items. Coverall, CWU-27P Flight gloves Gloves, CVC summer * Flyer's shirt, hot weather * Flyer's trousers, hot weather * Flyer's jacket, lightweight (MIL-J-43923 (GL)) Flyer's jacket, cold weather (MIL-J-43924 (GL)) Coverall, CVC Liner, CVC Coverall Overall CVC These items contain "NOMEX" fabric that is a high-temperature resistant and inherently flame retardant synthetic fabric with no-hot-melt point or drip characteristics The fabric is light in weight, will not support combustion, but will begin to char at 700°  to 800°F (371°  to 427°C) The fabric has good abrasion resistance similar to nylon and is also non-absorbant like nylon and other synthetic fabrics The fabric may be either aramid or novoloid fibers. 3-2.  SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATION ITEM MIL-C-83141 CWU-27P Coverall MIL-G-81188 GS/FRP-2 Flight Gloves MIL-G-44108 Gloves, Combat Vehicle Crewmember's, Summer MIL-S-43686 * Shirt, Hot Weather MIL-T-43688 * Trousers, Hot Weather MIL-J-43923 (GL) * Jacket, Lightweight MIL-J-43924 (GL) * Jacket, Cold Weather MIL-C-44077 Coverall, Combat Vehicle Crewmember's MIL-L-44299 Liner, Combat Vehicle Crewmember's Coverall MIL-0-44109 Overall, Combat Vehicle Crewmember's * Also used by Combat Vehicle Crewmembers (CVC) Air crews are not authorized to use the shirt and trousers. Change 2 3-1


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