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TM 10-8400-203-23 I 3-5.  REPAIR  AND  MAINTENANCE  OF  BODY  ARMOR  –  Continued h.   Ballistic   Insert   Assembly. (1) (2) (3) Inspection  of  ballistic  insert. (a) (b) Carefully  examine  the  insert  for  any  damage.  If  the  insert  has  been  ballistically  or  physically damaged in any manner such as evidenced by a hole, or cut, do not repair and do not put the assembly back into service. Do not dry ballistic insert near heat or flame. Examine insert; if it is damp or wet, thoroughly air dry the ballistic insert before it is placed in a new vinyl  casing. Inspect the inner and outer yoke supports and inner and outer action back supports for open seams or open  stitching  prior  to  sealing  the  ballistic  inserts  into  the  vinyl  casing. Do not use any defective inserts to repair an item. Inspect button stitching and spot lamination of filler. If the material in spot laminated ballistic inserts has  become  delaminated,  or  if  button  stitching  on  button  stitched  inserts  has  become  ruptured resulting  in  separation  of  the  piles  of  material,  or  if  internal  stiffeners  have  loosened  or  become separated, dispose of the insert. If the ballistic insert does not possess the inner action yoke support, inner  action  supports,  or  internal  polyethylene  plastic  stiffeners,  incorporate  these  features  before utilizing the insert in a repaired item. I 3-6.   LABELS I If the stock number and size designation on the identification label of the outer shell or the instruction label is in such condition that it is apparent that it will not retain legibility when subjected to wear after re-issue, a new label should be incorporated either by stitching over the old label or by use of the adhesive specified in section Ill. 3-7.   WORKMANSHIP I Repair and cleaning will be done by personnel skilled in the particular trade applicable to their duties. Patches will be tightly sewn or applied and all reseaming will be secure and free of loose or broken threads. Hardware will work properly and be securely and properly attached. The finished item will be complete, clean, well repaired, free  from  all  defects  affecting  its  serviceability  and  appearance. 3-12


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