Quantcast Figure 17-1. Hood, Combat Vehicle  Crewmans,  Coveralls  (Balaclava)

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TM 10-8400-203-23 17-3. TECHNICAL PUBLICATlONS NUMBER TITLE FM 10-280 Field  Laundry, Bath  and  Clothing  Exchange  Operations I 17-4. IDENTIFICATION AND DESCRIPTION [ a. Identification  -  Hood,  Combat  Vehicle  Crewman’s,  Coveralls  (Balaclava);  NSN  8415-01-111-1159 b.   Description - The hood shall be the pull-over-the-head type with attached bib. The hood shall have a facial opening which allows for placement variation by means of a pull tab. (See Figure 17-1.) Figure 17-1. Hood, Combat Vehicle  Crewman’s,  Coveralls  (Balaclava) 17-2


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