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TM  9-1005-237-23&P 2-11.B. M9 MULTIPURPOSE BAYONET SYSTEM--MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS (Cont). LATCH ASSEMBLY (Cont) CLEAN/LUBRICATE NOTE For use of lubricant,    refer  to  paragraph  2-4. Wipe all parts with wiping rag (item 12,   app D) and apply a light coat of lubricant. REASSEMBLY NOTE Before  installing,    identify RH and LH lock-release levers. The indentation in each ear must face toward the soldier and be opposite the bayonet mounting slot. The RH lock-release lever is to the right when the bayonet-knife is pointing away and the saw teeth are on top of the blade. NOTE Spring pins (1) must be ins surface of the latch plate is identified by an indenta talled flush or just below the back (2). The back of the latch plate tion (3). 1. Position RH lock-release lever (1) on latch  plate (2) and install spring pin (3). 2. Install compression helical spring (4), LH lock-release lever (5), and spring pin (6). 2-31


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