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TM 10-7360-226-13&P
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A detailed description of generator operation is provided in TM 9-6115-642-10.
Modern Burner Units
A detailed description of MBU operation is provided in TM 10-7310-281-13&P. Check that the
MBU POWER switch is ON before attempting to start the MBUs. To ensure sufficient air flow for
MBU ignition, the cook center ventilation fans should be running before lighting any MBUs in the
cook center. Also, when lighting the two MBUs in either section of the cook center, the right-hand
MBU in the section should be lit first.
Gasoline must NOT be used in the MBUs under any circumstances. Only
JP-8 or an approved alternate diesel fuel may be used. Using gasoline in
the MBU will create a fire danger and potential for explosion.
Environmental Control Unit
Operation of the Environmental Control Unit is fully automatic once the desired mode is selected
with the ECU control switch. The available modes are off, low cooling, high cooling, and heat. The
system operates until it is turned off; there is no temperature setpoint adjustment.
The Environmental Control Unit has time delay features that cause several
minutes delay before the system starts, and each time the control switch
position is changed. If the system does not start after approximately five
minutes, reset the control circuit by cycling the controller's circuit breaker
(#18 on the Power Distribution Panel) OFF and back ON.
Exhaust Hood Ventilation
Exhaust hood ventilation is controlled by the fan speed control located to the right of the spice
rack.  Rotate the knob clockwise to increase fan speed and counter-clockwise to reduce it.
Turning the knob fully counter-clockwise shuts off the fans.  The exhaust system should not
normally be operated above about 75% fan speed (control knob turned clockwise approximately
of its travel) as this is enough to exhaust smoke and steam generated at the cook center under
normal cooking conditions. The remaining capacity is available if needed to exhaust unusually
large amounts of smoke or steam; however, operating the fans at higher speed increases the
noise level in the kitchen and is not recommended unless necessary.
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