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Test the Heat Tapes
Ensure that all electrical power is shut off and disconnected before proceeding. The
circuit breaker box or individual circuit breaker should be locked and tagged out by
personnel following this procedure.  Remember that the CBL is a wet environment.
Serious injury or death to personnel can result from electrocution if proper safety
precautions are not observed.
Allow the heat tapes to cool at least 30 minutes before attempting any testing or repair
procedures. Failure to observe safety precautions may result in serious injury or death to
1. Disconnect heat tape (Figure 2, Item 2) from receptacle.
2. Use an ohmmeter to check for 750 ohms resistance between the two flat prongs on the plug (Figure
2, Item 3).
3. Replace an open heat tape (Figure 2, Item 2).
4. Use an ohmmeter to check for continuity between each flat prong and the ground prong on the plug
(Figure 2, Item 3). There should be infinite resistance.
5. Replace a heat tape that is shorted.
6. Reconnect the heat tape plug (Figure 2, Item 3) to the appropriate receptacle and monitor for normal
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